Adam Ringle Consulting, LLC

Adam Ringle Consulting, LLC

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Solutions

Whether you need a certified pilot for a UAS mission at your facility or assistance navigating the vast array of regulatory compliance issues surrounding the UAS industry we can help. We offer a broad spectrum of on-site services and solutions from practical applications to educational speakers for your next conference. Our experts are industry leaders who are changing the ways in which UAS technology is used in both public and private sectors.

Need a solution or simply just don't know where to start to design and implement your own UAS program? Need help understanding the differences between exemptions, COA's and not sure what is the right fit for you? Contact us and let us guide you into the right solution for your business.

Adam Ringle Consulting partners with Airworx Unmanned Solutions, an unmanned systems aircraft solution provider. Airwork specializes in providing their AIRWORX GO-COMMAND™ as well as custom mission ready systems aircraft solutions. Together, ARC and Airworx can provide you with UAS solutions throughout North America. More information about Airworx is available at

Professional Drone Pilot and Proficiency Training

Adam Ringle Consulting is a recognized expert in drone certification. He presents at professional conferences and can be found on YouTube where he provides guidance to all drone professionals in the public and private sectors. A sample of President and CEO of ARC, Adam Ringle, providing such advice can be found below.

Professional Development

To deliver the most realistic training solutions for public safety, Adam Ringle Consulting has partnered with 2D DUMMIES™. The 2D Dummy offers an exceptional opportunity for rescue professionals to train in a realistic and controlled environment, empowering them to refine and master critical skills. For drone pilots, it becomes an asset to enhance their pattern recognition capabilities, which plays a vital role in ensuring successful outcomes during real-world emergencies. More information about the 2D Dummy system is available at

How to write a Certificate of Authorization (COA)

A step-by-step view of the COA application process. Certificate of Authorizations are very specific to where and how your department will be operating drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). This video tutorial provides you with a guide to the process and helps you prepare for COA submission.

Drone Fundamentals for Public Safety

Aerial thermal imaging for public safety is among the most popular, and one of the fastest growing, aspects of drone operations. Search and rescue (SAR), fire-fighting, and law enforcement are all applications that have well-established histories with thermal imaging, both on the ground and now in the air with Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). This webinar will provide an overview of the different ways thermal imaging is being used for sUAS operations in the public safety arena and what knowledge and skills are required for working in this field. Included will be an overview of the type of drone equipment used, the unique imaging challenges encountered and why proper training and certification is necessary for safe operation and mission success with this technology.