Adam Ringle Consulting, LLC

Adam Ringle Consulting, LLC

Expert Witness Services

Whether you are already involved in litigation or just need an expert opinion, we can help. Our company can provide case review, deposition and trial litigation support to your team. Law firms, private companies and government entities throughout the country depend on us to assist them with their highest profile cases when they need an expert witness, shouldn’t you?

Our highly experienced and diverse staff has well over 30 years experience and can provide expert witness services and case review in many aspects of Medical, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement fields.

Specializing in the following:

  • Emergency Medical Services Policy and Legislation
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Programs
  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services integration issues
  • AED Devices, Legislation and Data Management
  • Emergency Services Response Plans and Training issues
  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services Supervision
  • Critical Care Transportation
  • Hospital based Ambulance Services
  • Aeromedical Response
  • Medical Direction and Emergency Medicine
  • COBRA, JCAHO and EMTALA Healthcare Laws
  • Please contact us for more information.
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